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Telbit was founded in 1988 by Sam Ashkenazy, in Sandton, South Africa. By maintaining a lean but effective employee driven workforce, the company positioned itself as a leader in the design, development and manufacture of electronic boards and systems. Telbit attributes its success to the ability to design, develop and manufacture products to customer specification, using latest analog, digital, micro processor and RF technology. An in-house software development team caters for all software integration in our projects.


Telbit operates through a dedicated international distributor network, to market and support its wide product range. All manufacturing is done in-house, using state of the art SMD pick-and-place equipment, complemented by a strong manual assembly production line. Our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance program is audited annually by Dekra Certification.


Over the years Telbit has designed and manufactured a whole range of customer specific products. Products include prepaid water meters, irrigation controllers, surge protection, air conditioner thermostats for the automotive industry, washing machine controllers, time & attendance systems, gate control boards and floor level indicators used in lifts, amongst others.

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